In an earlier post, I mentioned Tetris. Real life Tetris is a daily occurrence here. Space is at a premium in most places and that is also the case in the bedroom we stay in. The room configuration consists of a single bed, side table, desk, computer chair, rug and wardrobe. Where do two people sleep you ask?

Well, first we roll out the computer chair to the living area. Next we roll up the rug like a scroll and lean it against the wall between the desk and the wardrobe. Then we roll out the side table (luckily it has wheels) to the living area. Next, we pull out a trundle bed from underneath the single bed. It has to be pulled out diagonally so it fits up against the desk. We also have to make sure the floor is clear of suitcases and shoes so it all fits. And that, is what real life Tetris is like. Each morning, we do the reverse to put the bed away and replace the room to its normal functionality. Sometimes, when you are tired it is the last thing you want to do, but it certainly makes you appreciate the space and room we have in Australia. It also goes to show what you can do by being smart with how you use your space, even if it is cosy.


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