Our next day in Amalfi was a wash out. We managed our breakfast on the terrace before torrential rains set in for the day. The entire day. We had been planning a beach / admin day. Admin due to the fact we needed to plan our trip to Milan, our future accommodation and some general life admin tasks. We got to do one of those things at least.

Rain, rain go away

Rain, rain go away

So we hunkered down in our hotel room with the balcony doors wide open so we could watch the storm across the sea. It was pretty amazing seeing the lightening crack across the sky over the water. Eldad went out at one point in search of sustenance and returned with a pizza and tiramisu.  The rain didn’t stop until very the early evening – about 7pm. We were pretty stir crazy so headed out to enjoy the break in the weather.

I sipped a prosecco and Eldad had an Aperol spritz as we sat in the piazza in front of the grand Duomo in Amalfi. We saw a newly wed couple having pictures at the nearby fountain and joked we should also get married here too. I texted my sister a picture with the suggestion and she made it clear she would like to be in attendance and to wait until she could get a flight!

The happy couple

The happy couple

By the next day, the rain had cleared fully and the sun was bearing down very hot. Perfect beach weather. Our hotel had a private beach so we headed down to enjoy a relaxing morning.

I took the opportunity to catch up on some of my writing which had been severely neglected since we arrived in Greece. The water was nice so we swam a couple of times. Eventually this lifestyle does get a bit tedious and I needed to do something other than lie down.

Beach lyf - can be tedious

Beach lyf – can be tedious

We refreshed and caught the bus to a neighbouring town called Minori. I had stayed there on a previous trip with a friend. It was like a trip down memory lane. I saw the apartment we stayed, the places we ate, the ruins we explored. We had a nice lunch in Minori with some very friendly waiters.

Church in Minori

Church in Minori

A dessert lovers paradise - Sal Di Riso

A dessert lovers paradise – Sal Di Riso

Over lunch, we started to wonder what we would do the next day. I wasn’t really keen on another beach day and the forecast looked like rain… I had a thought… why don’t we just leave the Amalfi Coast early and begin our trip to Milan? Eldad agreed. Motivated, we headed back to our hotel to plan the exit strategy.

We caught a bus back to Amalfi, excitedly chatting about our plan. The bus suddenly came to a halt and we looked up to see a procession of about 100 people plus a marching band. It was a procession for Mary. We decided to jump off the bus and walk the rest of the way. We followed the crowd, who sang hymns and the band played. It was a truly beautiful scene to watch. All the cars had been stopped and shop owners stood out the front of their shops to watch the procession.

Eventually, they turned off and we diverted on the road towards Amalfi. We had underestimated the distance we had to walk but it was probably a good thing given the amount of food we have consumed over the past few weeks.


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