Another beautiful Amalfi photo

Another beautiful Amalfi photo

In my last post, I mentioned we decided to leave the Amalfi coast earlier than planned. We had organised a car for two days time so decided to arrange to pick it up the next day instead. This was tricky because we had booked through an Australian site (Driveaway Holidays). We called the rental company in Italy directly but all their offices were closed. There was a 24-hour help line for Driveaway so we tried that. The girl who answered the so called help line told us; “We just answer the calls sir, we can’t actually change anything or make bookings”…  I am not sure why a company would have a 24 hour phone line if they don’t actually empower the staff that answer to help callers. While Eldad was working on rental car solutions, I began looking into hotels in Tivoli (just outside of Rome) for our first stop.

Due to the time difference, the Australian office wasn’t due to open for about two hours, so we decided to head out for dinner to kill some time.

We had a fantastic dinner at Tavern Masaniello. The staff were welcoming and joked with us, and the food was genuinely fantastic. We were in good spirits when we returned home and were keen to proceed with our exit strategy. It was just on 8am when the Australian rental car office would open.

We got through and the girl who answered was very helpful in changing the booking to pick up the car a day early. The only problem was that it also needed to be approved by the Italian office which wouldn’t open until the next morning. By the time we went to bed, we had an unconfirmed prospect of leaving town.

The next morning, we got up early and began packing our bags. Eldad checked his email for the confirmation. It hadn’t arrived. We went to breakfast… again Eldad checked his email with no confirmation. We had requested to pick up the car at 11am and the bus ride to Salerno to get the car was an hour, leaving at 10am. It was about 9:15am … so we needed to know pretty soon. Eldad called Driveaway again via skype and soon we had our confirmation! We could get the hire car and head off on a new adventure.


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