What a 'grape' view!

What a ‘grape’ view!

Living out of a suitcase can be tedious. Especially when you have to pack and unpack multiple times, you lose track of what you have and where it is. Plus having three heavy suitcases does not make it easy to get around. Therefore, we decided to catch the bus to Salerno to pick up the car without the suitcases. We reasoned this way, we wouldn’t have to lug them around with us and could just make a quick circle back to Amalfi to pack them in the car when we picked it up.

The bus was on time, which was a good start, but it wasn’t long until were caught in a gridlock situation on one of the tight cliff turns on the coast. It was bus vs. bus and looked like it wouldn’t end well. Through some death-defying manoeuvres, our bus reversed blindly back around the corner… beeping his horn to advise drivers behind to beware.

We had a couple of other hairy moments but eventually arrived in Salerno. We found the rental car office and received the keys to our car. No longer a cute and compact Fiat 500 – we had a giant Peugeot 503. It was huge.

The space would be great, but I did not envy Eldad’s job of navigating this beast through the coastal roads or narrow cobble stone streets. On the plus side, we could fit two suitcases in the boot rather than one so only needed to put one on the back seat.

We began our trip back to Amalfi to pick up our bags. The traffic had suddenly increased exponentially and we found ourselves in a few traffic jams. We had a dangerous run-in with the bus where a guy had to help us reverse our car (big bertha as we called it) so the bus could pass. I cringed as the bus passed with just a hair’s width of room between us and it. We got sassed by the guy who helped us suggesting we try to avoid causing future bottle necks. He was right. The rest of the trip to the hotel went on without incident.

Once back at the hotel, we began to pack our bags into the car before checking out. It was at this point that I suddenly realised my task of organising the accommodation in Tivoli was not yet complete. Whoops. I quickly jumped on line and found a bed and breakfast in the town… probably the least notice for a hotel booking I have ever given.

Once on the road again and facing more traffic hold-ups we laughed that we spent nearly three extra hours of travelling on the road just to avoid carrying our luggage on the bus. It was a good idea at the time.

Bye bye Amalfi (and our terrace view)

Bye bye Amalfi (and our terrace view)




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