Map Milano

After a month of travelling, adventures and fun, we arrived in Milan. Milan, set to be our home for the next three months while Eldad studies his MBA and I … Well I don’t know yet but I am sure things will unfold!

We had been warned about the busy traffic and crazy drivers of Milan but found ourselves driving into the centre of Milan with ease and without much traffic. We later found out that being the last weekend in August, most people were still on summer holidays and therefore the city was much quieter than usual.

We arrived at our first apartment on Via Molino Del’Arme. A spot between the Duomo and the famed Navigli area. The apartment was small but comfortable. We had a kitchen and couch on the top floor and then down a winding staircase (fire station style), there was a bathroom and bedroom. There were some quirks in this apartment. For instance: the bed was at ground level, there was someone’s recently dry cleaned jacket hanging in the closet, the wifi didn’t work and the air-conditioning made a screeching sound when it was on. But the location was fantastic and was a good base to explore our temporary home-town.

We did not know if we were going to stay in this apartment long term. Apart from the few hitches mentioned above, the rent was a little steep but the location was great. We arranged to see a few other apartments over the coming days and decided to get out and explore our new surrounds.

First night out in Milano (and our first apartment)

First night out in Milano (and our first apartment)

Enjoyed an apertivo here on our first night :)

Enjoyed an apertivo here on our first night 🙂

We were excited to be spending our first night in Milan. Our next few months of life will unfold here – Eldad studying, me filling my days somehow and hopefully a bit of travel, new friends and adventures.


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