FIAT 500 - essential Italian

FIAT 500 – essential Italian

The city of Milan is very flat which makes getting around by bike an attractive option. All over the city are Bike Mi stations – where you can hire a bike for about 2.50 Euros p/day (there is a weekly option too). We have tried the bikes a couple of times. Generally it is easy and enjoyable to get around, although I have had some reservations. Sometimes, in a busy pedestrian area it can be a challenge to navigate through the sea of people.

They say “you never forget how to ride a bike” – well while that may be true they don’t tell you that you might forget the fearless nature you once had or the fear of falling off the bike you can develop. A few situations occurred where I would have to pass a narrow gap between two pedestrians or a curb and a car, sometimes I just got off my bike and walked to avoid a potential fall or collision.

There was one shameful moment where I caught my bike wheel in the tram tracks and toppled over right in front of a full tram stop of people. I recovered the fall, into a jog – as if it was planned all along secretly cried inside over the scratches I incurred and the public humiliation suffered. Overall though, it is fun and I plan on doing some more riding – might get myself a helmet though.

The public transport in Milan is fantastic. There is an integrated system, which means you can use the same tickets for the metro, bus and trams. The transport is regular and it is easy to plan a trip. Walking is also a nice option as it gives you the chance to explore the city and admire some of the fantastic shopping here.

There is much more to share about this city as we further explore and I am excited to immerse myself in the experiences ahead!

Map Milano


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