Lovely - Lago de Como

Lovely – Lago di Como

After settling into our place in Milan, we decided to do as the Milanese and take a day trip to Lago di Como (Lake Como). Famed for being the home of Mr George Clooney, this picturesque lake surrounded by stunning mountains and dotted with mansions is only about an hour and half by train from Milan.

Once in Como, we boarded the boat bound for Bellagio – one of the pretty villages on the lake. We happily strolled to the dock and suddenly realised, the Captain was bringing up the draw bridge. We hastened our pace to a quick sprint and fortunately, he saw us and lowered the bridge to allow us on. “Tickets?” he asked – “umm…” was our response. So we quickly back tracked to the ticket counter where after the failure of one credit card, we succeeded in obtaining tickets with our remaining cash supplies. The kind Captain had waited for us and we took a seat at the front of the open air section of the ferry.

Lake Como

Lake Como

We ferried around the stunning lake Como, stopping at gorgeous villages and islands along the way – pondering who lived in the amazing lake-side mansions and villas we were passing. I amused myself listening to the twenty-something girls next to me giggle and talk about how they hoped to meet George Clooney on this visit… and who I am kidding, I did too!

After this scenic tour, we arrived at Bellagio. Bellagio is a charming village filled with winding stone streets, views to the beautiful lake and is known for silk and leather goods. After a morning of exploring the cobbled streets and stairways, we stopped in wine shop for a spot of tasting. The man was very helpful in explaining the various wines from the region and from Italy more broadly. It is amazing the variation and focus that comes from the wines in each different region.



We stopped in for lunch at a small place that served home cooked meals. The food was wonderful – we enjoyed fresh pasta and homemade tiramisu as we people watched from our outside the table. As we lunched, a booming American passed and stopped to talk to some other Americans at a table nearby. He said “I have lived in Bellagio for 10 years and I still don’t know the language… hilarious!” Everyone looked slightly bemused and we giggled as a shop owner behind him just shook his head.

Lunch in Bellagio

Lunch in Bellagio

After a very relaxing and enjoyable lunch, we decided it was time to head home. We slowly meandered back through the streets, popping in and out of shops as we went. It had been a wonderful day and although there was no George Clooney sighting, the views were too pretty for words. Lake Como is a simply gorgeous place.


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