Back in the classroom - I have always been known for my studious ways

Back in the classroom – I have always been known for my studious ways

The summer ended and with that, so did a portion of the foot loose and fancy-free days we had been whiling away in Milan. Well, at least for Eldad. September began the new semester and it was back to school, in this case Bocconi School of Management – MBA.

In the morning we had been to the market to stock up on fresh fruit, pasta, bread and cheese. Although the summer was officially over, the weather was still stunningly hot. We enjoyed a relaxing lunch at home before Eldad packed his bag and headed off to uni.

Off to school

Off to school

I sat on the couch at a bit of loss… what to do, what to do. Up until this point, we had been on one giant holiday, now life was going to have some form of routine and I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I went for a walk and had a gelato to ponder my next move.

That afternoon, Eldad came home happy and excited about the first day. He told me about the other students he met and the Italian he had learnt. As we both started practicing our Italian, Eldad had an idea – I should join the Italian classes! And so I did. The first week was an intensive course of four hours per day every day. It was great as I got to meet new people and the beautiful language that is Italian. Our teacher, Susanna was so passionate and enthusiastic, it was great fun to attend class. As part of the class we took a tour around Bocconi and Milan and learnt a lot about the history of Milan and the Duomo.

Being back amongst students and learning again was great. I remembered what I loved about studying (well, not all the time, but..), that motivated feeling you get when you are learning for the love of it.

Grazie Italia!


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