Allo, Allo

Allo, Allo

We caught the fast-train and ended up at St Pacreas Station only a mere 17 minutes after we departed Ebbsfleet station. We spent some time wandering up and down Oxford Street, taking in the sites and doing a spot of shopping.

My cousin sent me the name of the hotel she was staying (Lancaster Gate Hotel) and I had booked it. We agreed to meet in the bar at 7pm as Georgia was out sight-seeing and we were keen to do some shopping. 7pm rolled around and we took a seat in the bar and waited. 7:10 passed and we were not concerned, thinking maybe they had been delayed… 7:30 arrived and I thought, maybe something was wrong… I messaged Georgia saying we were waiting and looked forward to seeing her. The reply came swiftly.. “I am in the bar…where are you?” I looked around our small bar… It was only us and a middle aged man with a sniffle who eyed us suspiciously. “What hotel are you in?” I replied… “Lancaster Hotel” was the reply. We were in different hotels!

Fortunately, we were not far so Eldad and I walked over to meet Georgia and Harry. My cousin had been travelling since July and London was at her last stop before returning home. She had been on a whirlwind sight-seeing tour of London that day so we were happy to stay locally in the vicinity of Paddington for the evening.

London calling

London calling

We found a typical English bar (aren’t they all?) to have a drink, gossip and general catch up. It was a lovely night and wonderful to see a familiar face. After a couple of drinks and a hearty meal that included vegetables (something we all agreed tended to be few and far between on many menus) we called it a night.

London is a fantastic city, the trip was made all the more special by seeing my cousin. It made me grateful for the age we live in – to have friends and family in the furthest reaches of the world.

Harry, Georgia, me and Eldad in London town

Harry, Georgia, me and Eldad in London town


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