We were leaving Budapest early on a Sunday morning. Our hotel was not manned 24 hours so we had essentially checked out the night before – we just had to leave our key in the room. As we got towards the metro station, a wave of panic hit me. I had left my credit card in the room! The day before I had removed it from my wallet to book something online and had never put it back. In my minds eye, I could see it on the desk. But with no reception, how were we supposed to get in??

Stressing about catching the bus in time, and finding a way back into the hotel room, I rang the owners mobile multiple times. Finally, someone half asleep answered – I don’t know what they said or even if we had the right number. I frantically pressed at the hotel doorbell hoping someone would hear it and open it.

Then, like an angel, the owner appeared walking up the street. I had woken him up, but fortunately he did not live too far. He opened the door for us and I ran into the room – the desk was clear. No credit card. I searched in the bin, under the beds, behind the desk – still no credit card. After about 10 minutes of searching by all three of us, I made the decision to cut my losses.  I was so confused, where could it be? I thought to myself.

Although I was slightly panicked about where my credit was, I decided to put it out of my mind until we got to Bratislava when I could access internet and do something about it. We made it to the bus with mere minutes to spare and headed off on our trip to Bratislava – our second city and country for the weekend.


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