Bratislava castle

Bratislava castle

After having some success with taking the tour bus in Vienna, which helped us learn and understand more about the city, we decided to try the same tactic in Bratislava. Bratislava, being much smaller than Vienna doesn’t have the big red bus, instead, it has the ‘Old Timer.’ Old Timer is a train looking mobile that reminds me of something we used to ride around Cockington Green as kids.

Old Timer cruising around

Old Timer cruising around

We jumped aboard with a bunch of loud and excitable English tourists. We plugged in our headsets and set off on our journey. After passing some of the nice old buildings, other highlights we got to see included the main post office, the ministry of transport and ministry of finance (very unremarkable buildings) – but Old Timer did take us up the hill to the castle, which was beautiful and had a great view of the city.

View from the Bratislava Castle

View from the Bratislava Castle

After our exciting city spin on the Old Timer, it was time to head back to Milan. We picked up our bags from the hotel and got a bus to the airport. When we arrived at the airport, it was completely empty. We were a couple of hours early for our flight and the check-in hadn’t opened. When it did, there was only one desk open, and no line. It was a nice airport to wait in but so, so quiet.

It's oh so quiet..shhh

It’s oh so quiet..shhh

Our trip home was not too long and we were looking forward to returning home as our first visitor from Australia was coming that evening! A friend from work had been in Italy because his daughter was racing in the World Cycling Championships in Florence. He and his wife made a detour to Milan on their way home. We were excited to showing them around as the ‘locals.’

We sat on the bus from the airport to the city listening to the bus drivers blaring radio. I was especially amused and impressed to hear his La Bouche ringtone. The trip took slightly longer than expected but our visiting friends did not seem concerned.

We met them at their hotel and then headed into the Navigli area, our new home turf. We took them to our favourite wine bar, Il Vinaccio and laughed the night away. Every few minutes people selling roses would stop by to hawk their wares. However we were most impressed by the guy who offered to sell us a toilet-shaped lighter.

It had been a big weekend visiting so many cities and the perfect way to end it had been prosecco, cheese and good company on the canal.

Enjoying a weekend wind-down at our favourite local

Enjoying a weekend wind-down at our favourite local

Some other Bratislava shots I love…

Bratislava by night

Bratislava by night

Bratislava castle 2


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