We are family... I got all my sisters with me

We are family… I got all my sisters with me

Today everyone arrived from interstate. My sister was coming in from Melbourne, my cousins, aunty and nans were all arriving too. We had a big program to fill over the next few days. The first official event was the ‘re-uniting dinner’ – we all met at Hotel Realm for some drinks and dinner and to catch up on what had been happening. After the guests of honour (my brother and his bride-to-be) had departed, the party did not stop. The older generation headed to the Press Club and the kids (including me) stayed at Realm for a bit longer.

After a while, we kids too joined the parents in kicking on at the Press Club. Here, I met an actual member of the press, a journalist from The Age newspaper. Sadly, the vibe was not really happening for anyone under 40 so we decided to head into the city.

After discovering ICBM was closed, much to my disappointment, we danced the rest of the night away at North. But then, drama struck. My cousin got an urgent message to return home, accompanied by a photo of fireman. It turned out their hotel room air-conditioning had malfunctioned and was producing smoke that set off the fire alarm.

All were safe and well but it had been a fiery end to the evening!


Press Clubbin'

Press Clubbin’


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