The Navigli had changed since I left - the waters were no longer flowing

The Navigli had changed since I left – the waters were no longer flowing

On my arrival back into Milano, I was greeted at the airport by a smiling Eldad who was very excited to see me. After such a long journey, I was tired but thrilled to back in Italy. As we began the walk to the car, Eldad pointed and said “look who else is here”… And there in the airport were Eldad’s mum and brother. Slightly jetlagged I was like “What, did you know they were here?” – of course he did. They had planned a trip over to surprise us!

Eldad, his mum and brother had all literally just come back from a trip to Stresa, Lago di Maggiore and Chamonix and picked me up from the airport on their way back to Milan. We jumped in the car and headed home where I unpacked. I was exhausted but, ever the host, I kicked on, keen to re-embrace my Italian life.

We met some friends that evening for an apertivo in Navigli. We sat down at a table and ordered our drinks. When it was Eldad’s brother’s turn to order, he asked for a cappuccino. The waiter looked at him with disbelief – he then said “Do you what time it is? You can’t have coffee.” It is quite funny to have a waiter telling you what you can and can’t have to drink. So forced into choosing an alcoholic beverage, Eldad’s brother chose a cocktail which provided the waiter with more satisfaction.

I caught up on most of the gossip that evening about what I had missed over the last two weeks. It was a strange feeling of being home again – even though I had just come from home! We strolled back along the now emptied Navigli canal (which was not a pretty site!) and



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