It was an early start as we had to get to the reception venue across the other side of town to set up the tables. Mum, Susie and I together with my aunty and cousins set up an efficient factory line of organising table settings. Within a couple of short hours, our preparation was done, then it was straight back home to get ourselves ready.

The wedding was lovely and the reception was enjoyed by all. We danced until our feet hurt and the whole day had gone without a hitch (well apart from my brother getting hitched hehe).

Wedding table

Wedding table


Paul and Sabrina's first dance - love!

Paul and Sabrina’s first dance – love!

The next day, family and friends gathered for lunch. It was a nice end to the weekend.


Glam wedding party

Glam wedding party

For my last week in Australia, I took a trip to Melbourne to see where my sister was living now that she has moved there and to hang out with family and friends.

It had been a busy and exhausting trip but had been worth it in every way. I didn’t realise how much I missed everyone in Australia.

Enjoying Melbourne post wedding

Trip to Melbourne after the wedding


I reflected on what a great time it had been as I begun my long journey back to Milan.


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