Confetti showers our flash mob

Confetti showers our flash mob

One afternoon over after an aperitif, Rachel and Sasha were telling me about a Flash Mob planned to support a Diabetes organisation that they had heard about through the MBA. It was meant to be a viral thing – word of mouth was spreading about this flash mob that would occur in the stunning Vittorio Emanuele II galleria.

I had never been part of a flash mob and thought, people are probably talking now, but are they really going to do anything? I was right, things went quiet on the Flash Mob front – certainly Eldad wasn’t talking it up. Rachel was busy studying and Sasha took a trip back to the US so I assumed Flash Mob was one of those passing excitement.

A week or so after Sasha came back from the US, we caught up for a girls shopping trip and lunch. After a few wines, and a therapeutic D&M (deep and meaningful for the uninitiated), we realised we were super keen to do a Flash Mob. For me, I thought #yolo – what did I have to lose? No-one knows me, I love dancing and it sounds like fun for a good cause. So we decided on a rehearsal at my place then and there.

Of course, before our dance rehearsal could start, we needed essentials… wine, cheese, prosciutto, bread, wine! We put word out to our fellow potential Flash Mobbers as we settled in my tiny living room to download the video to teach us the dance. Then we encountered a minor crisis. The wine opener broke. The screw had broken off in the cork leaving us no way to leverage or turn the cork.

Disaster - corkscrew stuck in wine :(

Disaster – corkscrew stuck in wine 😦



More than practice - that's dedication

More than practice – that’s dedication

In Australia, most wines are now twist top. We were stranded in the apartment with the screw from the opener stuck firmly in the bottle! Not one to be defeated by such a situation, I took the other bottle (with the unscathed cork) and went downstairs to our local bar. Sheepishly I entered, asking for the use of their corkscrew. The kind, and handsome bar owner went to pass it to me. I hesitated after our failed occurrence, and fearing I would break his opener too, I asked if he could open it for me. He kindly obliged and Sasha and I skipped back upstairs with renewed energy to commence our Flash Mob Rehersal.


Rocking it - "We got that power"

Rocking it – “We got that power”

The song was Justin Beiber and Will I Am – That Power. Sasha and I practiced a few times before Edmundo and Eldad joined us after their studies. Eldad on arrival noticed the cork / wine bottle situation and being an engineer took immediate remedial action. There was a small space in our heater where the tiny end of the broken corkscrew could fit and he made his own make shift wine opener to crack the wine open! Success… these are advantages of travelling with MBA students I guess – no problem is insurmountable.

Back to the dancing.

Eldad has never been a fan of dancing, and especially not a choreographed scene! But the four of us practised in the lounge room over and over. Counting our steps – two, three, four… Naming our moves, “now gorilla, two three, four, power, two three four, side step, two, three, four”

We were amazing. But after long hours of rehearsing the same 3 minutes of dance, you can sometimes decline into karaoke. Which is what happened.

It was such a fantastic and out of the box night for us all. We all couldn’t wait for the actual flash mob. Only a couple of days away, we planned an extra practice sesh at Sasha’s on the eve of the event. Although this later session involved more wine and talking than dancing, we made it to the event on time and with exceeding excitement.
I’ll let the results speak for themselves – I would do it again – any day of the week!




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