Road tripping - the best

Road tripping – the best

A few days after Eldad’s family left, we were bound for our own adventure. To Switzerland!

We had it all planned out, the route, the car, the music. My favourite thing so far on this trip had been our road trips. We were always prepared for a detour should the fancy take us and we would have the most interesting discussions – challenging each other on our differing proposals for world peace.

We hit the road in our FIAT 500 and took off up the Autostrada. Eldad, having recently visited Switzerland while I was back in Australia had a few tricks up his sleeve. We planned to stop for lunch in a town called Quincinetto. Eldad had eaten there when he visited Chamonix with his family. We found the town and took the car through the winding medieval streets. We stopped by the road to listen to the cow-bells ringing, the sites and sounds were just what you imagine of the northern Italian country side.

Just chillin and ringin their bells - Italian cows

Just chillin and ringin their bells – Italian cows

After a few wrong turns, we ended up at the restaurant, but to our disappointment, we had arrived too late and they were closed for lunch. Unfortunately, that meant so was everywhere else. So instead we made do with some sandwiches and coffee from the next Autogrill we came across.

Views en-route

Views en-route

The day was clear and gorgeous so we decided to detour to Chamonix and see the famed Mont Blanc. You could see the scenery and town names changed as we moved further north. As we crossed the border and paid the hefty tolls, we admired the scenery. We pulled up in Chamonix and got out of the car. The town was quiet, being out of season but the view of Mont Blanc was stunning. It was a worthwhile detour yet one that had distracted us from the main game – getting to Switzerland.

Chamonix and Mt Blanc

Chamonix and Mt Blanc

So after some photos and exploring, we jumped back into the car to head across another border – into Switzerland.

We arrived when it was getting dark. We were staying in a small village called La Sarraz. The lighting around villages was poor and we had to stop and ask for directions at a hotel. We did a few laps past the actual street before taking a chance a going up it. There, we were warmly welcomed by some good friends, a mischievous Labrador, some nice wine and a warm bed.

Is that you Alps?

Is that you Alps?


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