After suffering the terribly complex ticket purchasing process where you can only buy tickets from a certain bank and with your passport on you – we got our hot little hands to the Milan FC v Barcelona game at San Siro stadium. This was going to be a great game.

Excitedly I purchased some official merchandise for the game (the shop was just down the road)… It was funny the impressed and excited looks I got as carried the Milano FC branded bag home!

Just a spot of shopping before the game

Just a spot of shopping before the game

The game day finally arrived and and we prepared ourselves for the large wave of people catching the metro to the stadium.

We were certainly in the nose-bleed section, quite high up in the stands but the vibe from the massive crowd was electric. Eldad’s brother wasn’t able to get tickets in the same section as us, so we agreed to meet at McDonalds before catching the metro home.

The crowd chanted loudly and enthusiastically as the players ran onto the field. It was the return of Kaka – a beloved player that got them most excited.

I can see the ball!

I can see the ball!

The game was not thrilling for a non-soccer fan resulting in a 1 all draw. But it was an amazing experience to be in the middle of such a passionate and enthusiastic crowd. Certainly unlike the tame supporters at Canberra matches, you never know if anyone scores because the crowd keeps such a subdued level of support.

After the match, we headed to McDonalds to meet Eldad’s brother. We waited with another friend, Ash. 15 minutes passed, 20 minutes, 30 minutes. Waves of people were still coming out but we were starting to get worried. 40 minutes passed and we had no way of contacting him as he wasn’t carrying a phone. 45 minutes of waiting and Eldad felt a buzz in his pocket. It was a message from his brother – he had already arrived at home!! He walked passed McDonalds and didn’t see us so decided not to wait and just head home. Needless to say, we were not exactly thrilled to have waited 45 minutes in the cold night air worrying about something happening to him.

Milano FC vs Barcelona - an exciting match

Milano FC vs Barcelona – an exciting match

As we got off the metro at our stop, we decided to duck into the La Vineria across from our apartment for a quick wine and wind-down from the evening. All in all it had been a spectacular experience at the match and we ended the night, on a nice note, just the two of us.

The next morning, Eldad’s family made an early start headed for their next destination – Croatia! It had been wonderful having them stay, but at least now our tiny apartment would feel a bit more spacious.


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