Whoah hey there… Last time I met you I was in Milan with my friend Chris arriving and following that we ventured off into the sunset from Italy to Spain, to Portugal and Morocco, and then back to Oz for Xmas then over to Sri Lanka and India for a wedding…

Although I have the stories, I stopped publishing them 😦 And on return to home, the reality that I could not live my life like a millionaire jaunting the globe set in. It was only a couple of months before I reluctantly, but gratefully accepted my job back early.

With my rekindled passion for the pay packet, I lived large on life. No longer could our townhouse in the inner north suffice. I must live in the city. No longer could I be seen in any form of flat (which was already rare). I was well heeled and loving my life of dining out, schmoozing, champagne and walking home after it all.

Life in the inner city in Canberra is great! At least when you are not at home. Our apartment was not cheap and the space clearly came at a premium. We were planning our second wedding (I know.. my blog skips the first, but E and I had one in Israel and one in Australia).

We were blissfully happy but incredibly busy and certainly preferred being out than being in our tiny abode. As avid entertainers, the lack of space meant we couldn’t host parties or dinners, or even the odd Sunday sesh. It was a harsh blow for me [although we were in the trendy Braddon precinct so just transferred the party].

Without sounding ‘woe is me’ we decided to upgrade our apartment and ability to entertain to Kingston – a quieter but still well appointed inner south suburb in the Berra.

Now I have been side-tracked. I keep talking about my apartment location as the point of this story. It’s not. The point is… I lost track of the goal. The goal of this blog. The goal of my time off. The unsure goal that I had in the first place.

I thought I would be able to blog my 365 days with wit, aplomb and a healthy sense of achievement. In the end, I still will take the wit compliments (thank you my 2 readers), but I got distracted, busy, then lazy with following up.

Now I’m back.. Knowing me for a good time not a long time hehe. But after those 365 days.. and maybe half a year more, I have embarked on a new challenge. I have quit my job (for real) and am in the process/journey of opening my own wine bar.

So far, I have been great at the research aspect and ideas – but putting those ideas into reality has presented so many challenges, both expected and unexpected. I am super excited for what lies ahead and intend to share my wins, my mistakes and maybe some witty insights along the way.

This time, I won’t promise errrday… Or even every week. As a famous New Zealander (read Australia proclaimed) once said “It won’t happen over night, but it will happen”

Here’s cheers.


Just another research trip


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