This is the second time I have flown with Thai in Business Class and the the third time in total. Thai are a good airline with friendly service and are on the better end of the comfort scale.

Food: Food is ok. The business service has a reasonable selection and you certainly never feel hungry. A word to the wise, they can be skimpy on the chocolate. On our first business class trip, my partner asked for some chocolate in between meal service. He was told there wasn’t any, unless he wanted it off his next meal service. I am not a huge chocolate fan so I made the sacrifice – it was pretty poor to see they still left the dish the chocolate would have come on, on my tray as a reminder. The bizarre thing is the alcohol flows freely, but a Ferrero Rocher between meals is deemed excessive.

Seats: The seats are pretty comfortable and roomy. The bed extends to almost flat which is enough to get some decent sleep. The seats are also staggered so you get a feeling of privacy.

Entertainment: Entertainment is a bit hit and miss. Some great tv series on offer but only two to three episodes so it doesn’t eat up much of the spare time. There is a reasonable selection of movies, and music but it is always worth bringing a book and ipod in case.

Bonus points? There are a few bonuses when travelling with Thai, not least of which is the massage in Royal Silk lounge when transiting through BKK. The lounges have showers too which is perfect for refreshing during the trip. A gift of an orchard flower on disembarking was also a nice touch 🙂

Swiss Air

Getting off the plane I was fascinated walking through the airport of the land that produced Roger Federer. The airline was great, the decor seemed much older and the outfits of the hosties were dated but I enjoyed our four hour trip.

Food: Food was good as far as plane food goes. The selection of European dishes was generous and seemed to have something for all tastes. The quality again was quite good with generous serves. They also made a point to include Swiss specialties (read cheese!) which was charming.

Seats: The seats were very spacious and had a mini desk on right hand side of each seat. This meant you didn’t have to share the arm rest to balance your drinks or leave out your tray table when you were finished eating. The storage was also much better than I have seen on other flights. As it was a short flight, I didn’t test out the bed capabilities myself, but instead pressed the buttons on my partner’s seat – he confirms it was a flat bed!

Entertainment: I must admit I was more into the people watching at this point of the trip so didn’t use much of the entertainment. The inflight magazine was an enjoyable read with lots of stories and links to the staff who work at the airline which was a nice touch. The usual movies and tv shows were on offer. I watched an episode or two of Big Bang Theory and sipped a glass of wine with ‘When Harry met Sally’

Bonus points? I liked that they seem to have a diverse workforce. The staff seemed genuinely happy with a touch of no-fuss about them. I also liked that they took my coat to hang up.


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