Another fun night out in Milano

Another fun night out in Milano

Another wonderful night out in Milan, we caught up with friends to visit a pizza restaurant across the other side of the city on a high recommendation.
After a delicious dinner, we made our way back to the trams, keen to get onto karaoke. Now, if it’s not already clear, Italy changes you. It doesn’t matter that cobble stones make it difficult to walk, you are a woman, you wear fantastic heels – so I did. But sometimes, the cobblestones fight back. As we walked across the piazza, laughing and joking, my foot slipped off the curb and I felt a sharp and unrelenting pain in my ankle.

Not one to be a downer, I laughed it off and kept walking. My ankle boots fortunately did a good job of holding the bones in place as I continued the walk and welcomed the relief of the tram.

We alighted from the tram and made our way to the karaoke venue. I quickly indulged in a medicinal drink to alleviate the pain. I was struggling but wouldn’t dare bring the team down. I proposed a duet of Avicii for Eldad and I – Wake me up – it had been number 1 in Italy the week I went back to Australia and was a sure crowd- pleaser.


Sasha and Edmundo - the crowd pleasers

Sasha and Edmundo – the crowd pleasers

Well, when we started, and they heard the familiar guitar intro, the crowd cheered – it felt amazing! But, then as we started to sing, I noticed the crowd disengage. I knew they were keener on the Italian power ballads but this was fun right? –then I realised, it was me and Eldad singing. And it was awful. The harder I tried to sound good, pretty sure, the worse it was for the crowd. We got to the end of the song (which I knew by heart FYI) and it was pretty quiet in the crowd except for our friends clapping and cheering. We pretty quickly departed the stage at that point giving way for Celine Dion’s lesser known Italian cousin to perform.


!00% sure those are not the actual lyrics #killers

!00% sure those are not the actual lyrics #killers

After a few more rounds of songs from our friends, I realised my ankle was really seizing up. Eldad and I decided to call it a night and I hobbled home leaning heavily on him.

After gingerly taking off my boot, I realised the true extent of swelling and pain. The boot had acted as a strapping agent and I was suddenly struck by the sprain. I took a panadol and slipped into bed, hoping it would be better in the morning.

At 4am I awoke with an unbearable pain. My ankle had swelled even further and no way I lay would help it feel comfortable. I woke Eldad up to tell him, hoping he had a magic way of fixing it. We had no car, and there was no way I could walk – so if it was broken, we would have to call an ambulance. I was reluctant for the fuss but Eldad made the point that we had nothing to lose if it was broken.


**Note I interrupted the chronological flow of the blog – Switzerland will continue later 🙂


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